A few new things


Old Motivation vs New

I began blogging over the summer as a cheap way of promoting the startups i was working with. When I found a potential investor I was asked to stop, and subsequently I took a job with that investor. I couldn’t see much point in continuing the blog, I thought “I’ve had my fun now things will settle down” so as i started a 9 to 5 job I waited for everything to slow down; but its been three weeks and it seems something interesting happens nearly everyday.

I have a feeling I’m on the verge of something very exciting so I’ve decided to start blogging again. While my original reason for this blog was shameless self promotion, I found it was actually a lot more useful for other things; for one it was a great way to catalog everything for myself and also for keeping friends up to date.

So basically I’ve restarted in the expectation some incredible things will happen in the next few months and I want to actively document and share them.

Summers end.

So I finished the summer in the Ryan Academy and IBYE (unfortunatley didnt win either). I was then accepted onto IoT startup scaleup and the start up I was running had a big pitch. The pitch didn’t go well and everything fizzled out for about a week or two. I then did what any sane person would do, I began looking around for a job and tried to figure out when I would go back to college to finish a Msc/Phd. I sat through a few interviews with the aim of continuing the start ups in the evening and weekends. I also took part in the introduction week of workshops with the startup scale up program which was incredible.

I had a few promising interviews lined up and quite a nice job offer. Then I was offered a position from a company I had worked with over the summer, the position was basically an opportunity to finish what i had started but within a company.The task should be a three person job and I was asked to do it on my own in a short time period even for a full team, but I knew I had to take the position. The first week was one of sleepless night as I came to terms with the task but by the Thursday I had it under control and knew exactly what i had to do. Ive been asked not to talk about what I’m building basically because Ireland is so small. I can say Its a significant engineering challenge and when i pull it off it will have the potential to change an industry (even if a niche industry).

Graduation Weekend

On the week I started my new job I graduated on the same Thursday. The very next day I traveled to City West to take part in the social minds hackaton, this event deserves its own post, but to summarize for the weekend we were given accommodation in a local hotel, it had participants from all over Ireland both North and South and the US, the quality of the participants was incredible and the format helped to get the most out of the event. On the Saturday I traveled to the Dcu graduation ball, then back to city west to finish the hackaton.

Following the Grad weekend I become heavily involved in three new exciting projects, one is SSA from the hackaton, I intend to give each project its own post, hopefully over the weekend I also intend to build an actual website i just havent got around to it yet.

Watch this space Ill post an entry by Monday on SSA tech and by Wednesday on a new venture im launching.







Update 26/08/2015


The last few weeks have been hectic , it seems like i’ve been pitching nearly everyday, we’ve made great progress but the work load had forced me to prioritize and the blog suffered as such. I had been hoping for things to settle down but as their is no sign of that happening i’ve endeavored to find more time to blog. So without further ado here’s how things stand as of right now.


We’ve made a number of pivots in the last few weeks but made tremendous progress, in short we have increased our focus dramatically and have moved from a B2C general consumer model to B2B model (focusing on animal performance both in racing and farming).

To this end we have started approaching business’s as potential customers and have further developed our prototype. We are currently in talks to secure our supply of graphene and with a number of business to start lining up buisness. We expect to be investor ready by the end of the month. I’ll give a more comprehensive post on everything being done at PulseR hopefully by the end of the weeks.

HD Instruments

We have also made dramatic progress with our Faraday cup and are currently in talks with a number of companies about licensing or out right selling the company, If all goes well we should have a successful exit in the comings weeks and months.


I’m incredibly proud to say I’ve been short listed for for Ireland’s best entrepreneur of the year for Meath in the category of best new idea, I’ll be pitching PulseR next month with the chance of winning 10 000 investment for PulserR and of being sent to regionals for the chance of further investment. As it stands the help the Meath enterprise office has provided has been incredible and the 3 day bootcamp they ran for us in Trim was fantastic.

Future Venture

Im in the very early stages of a new project that i’m very excited about, I hope to announce it in the coming months but at the moment all i will say is the team is incredible strong the partners are quite large and its in fintech, so watch this space.

So thats it for this update I hope to give a larger post on PulseR by the end of the week.

Until then, be well.

Pulser Basic Pitch


So on the 27th July I will be giving a 10 minute pitch on Pulser to the NDRC to get a place on their LauchPad Program and to potentially receive 25k in investment. So this will be my sole focus for the next two weeks, this entry will the very first draft on the pitch I will give. So please give feedback

The Problem

The resting Heart rate of an individual can give information on stress levels illness and disease. To gain access to this information all that is needed is for an individual to record their heart rate regularly and then to have this data processed by basic analytics programs that can easily run on any mobile device or app.

Despite the potential life saving/changing benefits of  doing this, very few people record their HR regularly and even less have access to such analytics. From the quick surveys we carried out, the main reasons people don’t wear HR devices are as follows

  • Discomfort of wearing a watch all day/ preferring to wear a more up market watch eg Rolex
  • The belief such devices are only for sport enthusiasts.
  • The belief such devices are “gimmicky”
  •  Not liking such devices as fashion accessories
  • lack of accuracy in measurement
  • difficult/tedious to use

While there are analytic apps on the market,  most people we interviewed hadn’t heard of them, and the apps we found were geared towards healthcare professionals and carried the implication of ill health.(only to be used if at risk and carried a stigma as such)

The Solution

A wearable device with the following features

  • Comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods of time
  • Not restricted to the wrist
  • A device designed and marketed to a general consumer for well-being and not just fitness
  • A strong simple design partnered with a high quality user experience
  • The Ability for customization and for the device to be worn discretely
  • A device that is highly accurate at all times
  • A simple but strong user interface.

To address the lack of analytics apps on the market, A community would need to be built with high standards and regulations around HR analytics to inspire confidence in the products.

Our Solution

Using a very recently discovered carbon based sensor we have prototyped a HR sensor that is small, cheap to produce, machine washable, durable and incredibly accurate. the device eventually will take the form of a disposable patch with a detachable receiver/transmitter twice the size of a watch battery.

  • The device has the advantage of being small and isn’t restricted to the users wrist.
  • we have a strong marketing team and will pursue strong customer validation to launch a successful marketing campaign through social media.
  • We are recruiting a product designer and have an excellent technical team to build a device people will want to wear.
  • The Device is so small it can be worn beneath the clothing and essentially forgotten by the user, We will also offer a strong customization experience with different features in different patches.
  • The sensor itself detects motion and does not need to be worn against the skin(but relatively close), its so sensitive that  a heart rate is easy to identify even with background noise.
  • The device will be released with a powerful user friendly app built by our software expert.

To build a strong community the device will have a strong API system for app developers and an app store for access and promotion, in order to ensure quality and strong standards, requirements will be set by us from the apps, including clinical trials and extensive testing, we would aim to become both the go to device for healthcare apps and the gold standard to be measured against for healthcare analytics.

Size of Opportunity


  • $12,642m market for wearable’s for 2018
  • 111,9m wearable units shipped worldwide for 2018
  • 38% of those surveyed interested in medical devices that transmit data
  • $867m remote cardiac monitoring forecast for 2016
  • 13,45m wearable’s shipped worldwide
  • 43.8m fitness gadgets shipped worldwide
  • 31% of american that owned pedometers

Monetization strategy

There is multiple sources of revenue for this device, the customers first interaction with our product is when they purchase it from a retailer, Harvey Norman have expressed an interest and asked use to package the product as a disposable patches to create a recurring source of revenue and increase footfall in their stores. Other retailers have expressed a similar interest.

Once the device is bought if the user buys additional apps from the store we will receive a commission, The apps and device will have a strict policy on data protection and all data generated will be the property of the user , if the data can be packaged without the identity/location/details of the user it can be used by the research community and have big data applications.

Another source of revenue is third party users such as lifestyle professionals(eg coaches, trainers etc) and possible healthcare professionals that can pay a subscription fee to use the service to better help their clients.



  • closest competitor
  • devices are good but inaccurate
  • do not have an app community
  • devices are not totally comfortable or discrete
  • devices still sell at the wrong side of the $100 mark
  • marketed for fitness.


  • indirect competitor
  • expensive
  • restricted to the wrist
  • has app community but not large and no separate standards
  • yet to adopt analytic s in a big way ie preventive measurements

Medical Devices

  • designed and marketed for people at risk
  • element of stigma
  • expensive, reliable
  • not discrete
  • high standards.

medical apps

  • can become assets with a strong API
  • need access to hardware

IP protection

  • Basic material patent held by third party
  • will patent applying material to particular function
  • material manufacturing  protect-able
  • trademarks
  • copyrights on software
  • design protection,

Teamshane pro

Shane Hamilton

Founder HD Instruments on Dcu Ryan Academy accelerator

damien prof

Damien – Hardware

Hardware engineer at Crowley Carbon

allen pro


Full stack developer at Creme Global

tim pro

Tim- Marketing/Sales

General Manager for computers at Harvey Norman


Kevin- Social media expert

Business Support Specialist at Hailo

Product Designer- coming soon

Route to market/milestones

First round of funding 20k

  1. Develop Prototype with strong customer validation(eg focus groups surveys)
  2. begin trials and testing (eg self life)
  3. refine business model
  4. Final prototype

Second round of funding 100K

  1. secure patents and IP
  2. start marketing campaign
  3. carry out final testing and trials
  4. begin setting up production for product

Final round of funding TBD

  1. Launch product and scale fast

Start-up Weekend See My Build

So I attended start up weekend in google this weekend. We started on Friday , it followed a similar format to hackatons , so people pitched ideas , everyone voted for their favorite , the top ten were chosen and the team leaders built their teams.

The difference in this for me was i entered as a software developer. In the spirit of fairness we didn’t bring anything from the previous hackaton for seemybuild and started from scratch instead. The weekend was a total success both in the way it was organised an in fact we came away with a very strong team and business model.

I was the only developer on the team and although i spent all weekend on the software i was only app to build the Augmented reality application on my desktop and didn’t have time to build a working app. I used AR toolkit, my inexperience with this software might have cost me a few hours of work because i made a simply mistake with the directories.

I really enjoyed the weekend all the same, I wanted to move out of my comfort zone and in this sense it was a massive success for me. Also its worth mentioning the quality of the teams was incredible , I was particularly impressed with my colleagues from Dcu Ustart , Their ability in getting so much done in a short time was incredible not to mention the standard of pitches, Il definitely keep a close eye in these guys in any future workshops.

This was the first event like this that I didn’t pitch , which to be honest i didnt like at all, but it wasnt my idea so i had no right to pitch. one of the benefits of not pitching was i started tweeting during the pitches and the response was incredible, for anybody that doesn’t already I really recommend building a strong social media presence, I think at least half my new contacts come through social media.

So this was just a very short summary of my impression, I hope to have another entry tomorrow, with will probably be an elevator pitch for SeeMyBuild and Pulsar.


Week 5

This weeks entry is a bit late because I was at startup weekend, so here’s a quick summary.


HD Instruments

Took the bulk of my attention this week as I set up the e commerce site, the task (which should have taken no longer than a few hours) escalated into 3 days when I made a mistake with the host server(i  set up my own home server) and didn’t realize, the website is finally up and running but is only a landing site at the moment.


over the next few weeks I will add content and once the company has finally been registered the site will be offically launched. This will give me a great platform to grow the business from, mainly by using google adwords to generate traffic and google analytics to measure what works and what doesn’t work.


We are currently working on the next prototype for pulsar and received a shipment of grapene solution on Monday the prototyping is going well. On Thursday we received news that we had passed through the first round for the NDRC launchpad program and have been invited to pitch our company for a chance to enter their program and receive 25 000 in seed investment as well as 12 weeks mentor ship. We will have to pitch in the next few weeks so were going to ramp up our progress and try to have a working prototype for the pitch.


Because we decided to bring SMB to Startup weekend, we decided we wouldn’t bring the prototype or business model from the DAQRI hackaton but instead start from scratch, we intended to use AR toolkit as the open source base for the app, I’ll post a more in dept description of the weekend later, but to sum it up the weekend was a total success and although we didn’t win we came away with a solid business plan and a strong prototype based of AR toolkit, on a personal level this was the first time i was apply to work on the software development side , which was incredibly enjoyable experience.

I’m finding these blog entries a great way to organize my thoughts however I’m also finding myself reluctant to offer advise or lessons mainly because I feel I’ve only started, to address this I’m going to increase the number of entries and strive to have one post a day.


Pulser Elevator Pitch

An increase in a resting heart rate can indicate disease illness or even stress, despite this how many people do you know wear heart rate monitors? and even if if you know a few the chances are they use a devices like Fitbit which not only has an average inaccuracy of 20% but is also restricted to the wrist or ankle which limits its ability to be worn discretely and in total comfort.

Taking all this into account it stands to reason that if these problems can be addressed, then more people will start monitoring their heart and more people will be able to find out sooner if their health is at risk and as such take steps to prevent any irreversible  damage cause by an unchecked illness or disease.

We have found a solution that promises to do all this and more, we are using a very recently discovered carbon based material to prototype a sensor that is cheap, durable,accurate and washable, our prototypes have been embedded  in pieces of clothing and also in a stand alone patch that is both small and discrete. our ultimate aim is a passive monitor that the user will be able to essentially  forget about while wearing it.

The users interaction with the sensor is through an app on their phone that gives information on stress levels and risk of illness and disease. so far we have build the first prototype ,an ios app and an android app, we have recently started adding features such as distance ,speed ,elevation and body temperature.using all these with basic analytic’s we should be able to produce a  device that will give advanced warning when anything goes wrong in the users body.

HD Instruments Elevator Pitch

HD instruments

Aims to address a very particular problem researchers face when carrying out research involving plasma, traditionally a device called a Faraday cup is used to record the parameters of the plasma, this device has a problem in accuracy caused when electrons essentially leave the device without being recorded.Depending on the experiment this can result in uncertainty in the research being carried out.

The new Faraday cup that we have created addresses this problem directly by using three new design features that dramatically reduce the level of inaccuracy. Traditionally Faraday cup devices market for between $800 and $2000 , we can produce the devices for less than $100 and intend to market the device for between $800 and $1000

So far we have brought the device from prototype to a marketable device, We have just launched our website which is currently accepting pre-orders and we intend to fully launch the website in the next two weeks.

Week Four

So just a quick update,

pch hackaton

HD Instruments had been put on hold due to a lack of funds , but that was resolved today so we hope to be up and running fully in the next two weeks. That will take the form of the launch of the website the registering of the limited company and the setting up of a basic means of production, we already have a preorder and are eager to process it.

The Graphene based Heartrate monitor (which i will call pulser until we can find a good name with an available .com) is progressing nicely. This week i finally got to terms with the licensing of the technology and we are finally clear to begin prototyping. We have the raw materials on order and are just waiting for delivery .we,ve begun the second iteration of the apps.

While we continue to prototype we will also start our social media presence and start a mass data collection on our potential customers that will take the form of surveys and interviews, this is based on our discussion with potential investors who have given us 4 areas to target.

Area one

Is prove of concept with will take the form of successful prototypes and tests

Area Two

Is customer validation with is using data taken on stake holders to the building of profiles of potential customers.

Area Three

Is the building a strong team. to date we have a software, hardware ,marketing and social media expert (not to mention myself). in the future we will be looking for somebody that has experience with start ups particularity in the wearable’s field.

Area four

Is speed , which is basically how fast we can move, considering how much we have achieved in a month we have a good record.

The investors we have approached have offered between 20k to 100k for 7-10% equity with the option of buying it back, these are state funded accelerators and are designed to help us bring the product to a point were it can be scaled.


currently we are rebuilding the prototype and hope to make some progress at Startup weekend, this project is in the very early stage and we have just finished building our basic team and defining our roles.

This post is quite bare(mostly because its a Friday night) and serves as an quick update, I hope to add a few more entries over the weekend , mostly anecdotes and some outline of a few skills i’ve picked up not to mention refined elevator pitches for each start up. anyway i’l keep you posted.

as always feedback is very welcome.



So Im trying to set up a CoderDojo in Balbriggan and would really appreciate some help. This video is a great summary

and heres the website
Im not sure if you’ve heard of CoderDojo or the shortage of talented software/hardware developers in Ireland at the moment, but on a weekly basis people approach me looking for an app developer and are willing to offer between 1500 – 2000 euro for one app, in the end the jobs are often outsources, particularly to India which has incredible talent in programming. Ive met a number of secondary school student that are working full time this summer based purely on their programming background, to put everything in context google will hire programmers based on their portfolio of code regardless of their education or background, with all that being said the ability to program is the single greatest skill a child can learn, yet it is not taught in schools.
CoderDojo is a volunteer organisation that aims to get children and teenagers interested in coding at an early age(it really can be a lot of fun) CoderDojo have given me the go ahead to start a Dojo in Balbriggan  and  IBM have also offered some tutors,but ineed help organizing a venue and some support volunteers, I know the Drogheda Dojo consistently has 50 plus kids and have to turn people away(many from Balbriggan)
As i said this is totally voluntary,myself and the others helping me passionately believe we have to do something about the computer illiteracy in Ireland and will happily give up our weekends to achieve this. Programming and hacking hardware can be incredible fun and satisfying and it offers a freedom very few jobs can compete with.
So basically any/all help would be greatly appreciated.

SeeMyBuild #1


SeeMyBuild is an app that uses Augmented Reality software to give the user the ability to see a 3d image of a prototype/schematic.  It has applications for architects ,trades people, designers and we’re are also pursuing applications in tourism.

The App was born in the DAQRI hackaton and the first prototype used DAQRI’s 4d studio. We were given a 2 day license to the software (which we have since lost), we intend to rebuild the app using the opensource platform AR toolkit, the app will have the ability to show and switch between multiple layers.

To date we have 4 members myself 2 programmers and one member with a business background, we intend to rebuild the app and implementing the build ,measure, learn method to move towards entering an accelerator and eventually launching the product. Were currently looking for people with a background in Java app development.

We are entering the start up weekend completion next week with the concept and I expect we will make a number of pivots in the coming weeks, I will more than likely be giving bi weekly updates and hopefully with demos of the app so if your interested watch this space.